I strive to make a high quality product with every project that I create.

Hello friends,

To “moon over” something means to adore it.  

I adore doing macrame and sharing my passion with others. This is how the name MoonOverMacrame came to me. 

One of my happy places is being at home creating macrame designs. My passion for macrame began with a search for how to decorate a large bedroom wall in our home. Since then, I have made many wall hangings for our home.  Over time, my passion  has transformed into a business.  

I am so grateful that I can share my joy of creating macrame with you!

My name is Janel, owner of MoonOverMacrame.  

Thanks for visiting!

One of my favorite creations so far.  I made this for our home, and it was the beginning of my love of making macrame flowers.